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            Laura Sargeant, owner of The Bejeweled Penguin writes, “Since I always ask my new customers how

          they heard about us, I know they are reading your publication when they tell me Women’s Digest!

            I love to hear that my advertising dollars are working to bring new business.


          We chose Women’s Digest because it gives an inside look at the people behind the businesses.         


          This insight can be quite valuable to your readers, as important decisions may be made based

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          on what they’ve learned from articles in your magazine.  The content, color and paper on which


          Women’s Digest is printed speak to your commitment to quality publishing.”

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            Debi Dilling, Marketing Director for SNEAD Cataract writes, “Each new venture with Women’s
Publishing Schedule           Digest has exceeded my expectations in terms of professionalism and creativity.  Most importantly,
            it has produced excellent results for our advertising dollars.  In the health care field, it is sometimes
Testimonials           difficult to portray a doctor as a ‘real person’, someone who genuinely cares about his patients and
            has a passion for the work.  You have helped me accomplish this goal with Dr. Snead and SNEAD
Events & Links           Cataract.  I am proud to be affiliated with such a fine publication.”
Submission Guidelines           Todd Bowers, owner of Tonic Salon says, “It has been my pleasure to advertise in your publication
            for over a year now.  I respect your work ethic and the way you go ‘above and beyond’ to support
Coupons           and encourage your clients.  The new size of Women’s Digest is awesome! It is more appealing and
            doesn’t get lost or buried in a stack of magazines. Thank you for the light you shine on my business


          with your beautiful product”
            Zandra Quintana, owner of It’s a Girl Thing Nail Salon explains, “Since our very first ad ran, the
            support and response by the readers has been tremendous. Women’s Digest supported me through
            all the trials and hurdles it took to finally open our doors.  It’s great to know that a magazine that
            focuses so much on what is best for its clients is promoting my business.  We are eagerly waiting to
            see the next issue!”
            Mira Dietrich, owner of Pet Nanny.911 said:  “I’m pleased to say that, only one week after my
            ad was published, I began receiving calls. I appreciate the human-interest aspect of the write-up.      
            Not only do you tell what I do, you tell who I am and why I love what I do. This is one little magazine    
            that packs in the information. Thank you for a job well done.”
            Cecilia Bonshor, owner of PC-TECH says:  “We recently sold a custom-built computer to a woman
            who learned about us through your magazine. We enjoy working with the staff at the Women’s Digest
            too. Irene has been terrific and her writing presents interesting and informative facts for readers about

          computers and the Internet.”                   



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