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          With women influencing over 80% of all family purchases and over 60% of the United  States  


        wealth, the diversity of businesses affected by women is astonishing! These numbers indicate 

        a rapidly changing market in Florida.

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        Active women with discretionary income have the power to purchase and make necessary

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        decisions related to their business and family life. The SouthWest Florida Women’s Digest


        objectives are to help them make those decisions wisely and in the best interest of their

Publishing Schedule         families.

        Carousel Promotions Inc. promotes The SouthWest Florida Women’s Digest in several ways:

Events & Links         *  Sponsorships at Bridal Shows, Home & Garden Shows, Senior Expos, Infant &
             Toddler Expos, Estero Fine Art Shows and more.
Submission Guidelines         *  Comcast Cable and ABC-7 TV spots.
          *  Various sponsorships at many special events throughout the calendar year, such as
Coupons             Art Royale’s Alliance for the Arts, Calusa Blueway Paddling Festival and more.
          *  Promotions through various women's organizations and clubs.

                                          The SouthWest Florida WOMEN'S DIGEST reaches the most powerful consumers today … Women!





                                              Median Age

                42 Years





                                            Household Wealth


                                              Effective Buying Income



                                         Distribution online at:  www.floridawomensdigest.com 



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